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It’s been about a week since we brought news of a second unmade Hellraiser treatment penned by Clive Barker; it was obtained by UK film critic and academic Mr. H, who had previously gotten his hands on the notoriously hard to get screenplay for Barker’s unmade Hellraiser remake intended to begin production in 2014.

Mr. H revealed the existence of the second treatment by reading it in its entirety, audiobook-style. We shared the first half last week and are pleased to bring you the exciting conclusion today. If you haven’t heard part one yet, check it out in the link below before enjoying today’s video (embedded at the top of the article).

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Prepare to enter the Cenobite Creation Room; there, you’ll meet an order of surgeons and their guard—the animalistic Lazarus! Most satisfying is the rise of a new Pinhead, a rouge Cenobite with an unmatched capacity for sadism. I think you’ll agree, Mr. H’s baritone voice has the perfect timber for a story that plumbs that darkest corridors of Hell itself!

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What do you think of the second unmade treatment for a Hellraiser reboot penned by Clive Barker himself? Do you think this updated version would have been a hit with the franchise’s core fanbase? Sound off in the comments below or on Facebook, Twitter, and/or Instagram!


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