Video Pieces Together Full Plot of Clive Barker’s Unmade HELLRAISER Remake

Back in 2014, there was a ton of excitement surrounding an announced remake of Hellraiser will original franchise mastermind Clive Barker at the helm. Not a sequel or a soft reboot, a complete remake of the author-turned-filmmaker’s debut directorial effort. With time an experience under his belt, it was a recipe for certain success. Barker even did interviews, describing an opening sequence taking place on Devil’s Island in the 1700s.

Sadly, Barker’s remake never came to fruition. Rather than investing the substantial resources necessary to bring his vision to fruition, Dimension opted instead to let the property sit on a shelf, only releasing the low-budget Hellraiser: Judgment when faced with the prospect of losing rights. Now, Dimension is no longer a viable studio and the rights to Hellraiser are extremely contentious, meaning our chances of seeing Barker’s remake are probably close to zero.

Though the completed script to Barker’s Hellraiser remake exists, it’s yet to find its way online. Still, it has been read and reported on by various sources throughout the years. Now, UK film critic and YouTuber Mr. H has pieced together nearly the entire plot into a single retrospective that opens a window into what could have been.

Give Clive Barker’s Hellraiser Remake Explored a whirl below. If you can’t stream, the basic plot points are briefly summarized beneath the video. Enjoy!

In 2014 Clive Barker announced he was working on a remake of his original Hellraiser, the film that he debuted as a director. Nothing has come from this remake, and, according to Clive Barker himself, its unlikely to happen. But what was this script like for the remake? It hasn’t surfaced online, but from those that have read it, I have pieced everything together to explore what this Hellraiser remake was going to be.

The film was to open in a prison camp on Devil’s Island in the 1700s, where a ruthless warden is forcing Phillip L’Merchant to construct the Lament Configuration. Once completed, he demands the toymaker open it, releasing the Cenobite Pinhead, a reimagining of the character from the original film, a demonic entity who revels in sadism.

From there, the remake treads familiar territory. One major difference is the fact that Frank is alive; Larry allows him to live in the attic because he’s down on his luck. He and Julia are involved in an ongoing affair until Frank opens the puzzle box and is taken to hell. Pinhead creates new Cenobites named “Scalpel” and “Bloat” and depictions of Hell resemble the classic imagery of Dante’s Inferno. Julia is portrayed as a savage murderer is Kristy is more of a spoiled brat.

What do you think of the summary for Clive Barker’s unmade Hellraiser remake? Does it sound like something you’d like to see or were you hoping for something more drastic and/or unique? Sound off in the comments below or on Facebook, Twitter, and/or Instagram!

Written by Josh Millican

Josh Millican is the Editor in Chief at Dread Central.

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