He’ll Show Up in Movies but Rick Will Never Return to THE WALKING DEAD—Never Ever

TWD Rick Grimes 750x422 - He’ll Show Up in Movies but Rick Will Never Return to THE WALKING DEAD—Never Ever

They say to never say “never” but Andrew Lincoln has confirmed to multiple sources that he’s never going to return to The Walking Dead TV series on AMC. Last week was Rick Grime’s final episode, but it didn’t end in the character’s death. Instead, Rich was spirited away in a helicopter as part of Jadis’s slave trade.

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When the show returned last night, 6 years had passed since the day of Rick’s abduction. And while series producers have announced that Lincoln will reprise the role in a series of made-for-TV Walking Dead movies, the actor himself is stating (in no uncertain terms) that he’ll never be returning to the series; not for a cameo or a brief story-arch—not ever. In his own words:

“I can categorically say that I will not be returning to the TV show.”

Fan of Grimes can take small comfort in the fact that the ex-sheriff is still alive and well in the source material, The Walking Dead comic book series created by Robert Kirkman. And, hey, at least we can finally put to bed the theory that all of The Walking Dead is merely the character’s coma fantasy! For a peek at what fans can look forward to in upcoming episodes, check out the trailer below.

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