WEREWOLVES WITHIN Film Adaptation Confirmed By Ubisoft

By David Gelmini

Ubisoft have confirmed that their game Werewolves Within will receive a film adaptation. This news was originally revealed by Variety, before Ubisoft themselves released a video on their YouTube channel where screenwriters Tasha Huo and Mishna Wolff, who are also working on a TV adaptation of Child of Light, discussed their plans for the film. Both adaptations will form part of Ubisoft’s Women’s Film and Television Fellowship.

The film adaptation of Werewolf Within is described as a ‘live-action horror comedy set in a small town where its residents play judge, jury, and executioner’. If you never played the original game, it was set in the medieval village of Galowston, with the player having to search for clues to discover which of the residents might secretly be a werewolf.

Huo and Wolff stated that Werewolves Within appealed to them because of how it tackles social commentary and other serious themes without taking itself too seriously. Margaret Boykin, who serves as Ubisfot’s Director of Film Development, also appeared in the video, where she said that the way the Fellowship approach their development process is to create a story which stays true to the world and tone of the original game. So fans can rest assured, because it sounds like we’re in for a faithful adaptation. However, it’s worth noting that the game received an E rating from the ESRB when it was released in 2016, which begs the question of just how dark the film will be.

The last live-action film based on a Ubisoft franchise was Assassin’s Creed, which ended up being a critical and financial disaster. However, we’re willing to look past that mishap, and we have truly high hopes for Werewolves Within.