Despite Turbulent Relationship, Tom Holland Credits Don Mancini for Chucky’s Success

A recent retrospective of Child’s Play on The Hollywood Reporter reveals that bringing Chucky to life was no easy feat—not by a longshot! Not only was the diminutive devil doll a mechanical and logistical nightmare, but creative tensions also ran high between the film’s director Tom Holland, producer David Kirschner, and screenwriter Don Mancini.

Things got so bad, Holland actually left the film before it was even finished!

“They wanted to cut the amount of screen time of the doll,” confirms Holland, “and I said, ‘No Chucky, no third act.’ I remember that turned into a very difficult situation.”

Despite the contentious split, Holland is quick to give Mancini the credit he deserves for building such an enduring franchise:

“If Child’s Play hadn’t been as exciting as it was, you wouldn’t have spawned all the sequels [and] I don’t think that it would be the worldwide brand that it has become. I want to give it a tip of the hat: I don’t think that Child’s Play or Chucky would be as big as it is now if it weren’t for Don Mancini, because he’s gone and made all those [sequels] and it’s built its own fan base.”

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Mancini is currently working on a TV adaptation of Child’s Play; meanwhile, MGM is making an unnecessary, competing franchise for no compelling reason whatsoever—but that’s another story!

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