Exclusive ALIENS AT THE PENTAGON Poster and Trailer Reveal

By Jonathan Barkan

AliensAtThePentagon poster 200x300 - Exclusive ALIENS AT THE PENTAGON Poster and Trailer Reveal

I get it. You clicked on this story because of the headline. A film called Aliens at the Pentagon? It’s bound to get attention and for very good reason. But if you’re thinking that this is essentially a video game-to-film adaptation of Area 51 that heads into Washington D.C., I’m sad to be the bearer of bad news. Still, this might very well pique your interest, so stick around to hear a bit more about what’s going on with this upcoming release.

Aliens at the Pentagon is an independent documentary that follows journalist Nick Pope, who used to run the British government’s UFO Project and is widely considered by many to be the world’s leading expert on UFOs, the unexplained and conspiracy theories. Today, we’ve got an exclusive look at the film’s poster and trailer, which will take you into a world of celestial mystery and intrigue.

Nick Pope, the UFO Insider known as “The Real Fox Mulder” of X-Files fame, provides shocking and revelatory insight into the latest leaks from the CIA regarding the Alien presence on Earth and the ramifications for our society.

Aliens at the Pentagon is directed by J. Michael Long. It comes out October 9.