IT: CHAPTER TWO Screenwriter Talks Challenges of Filming the Ritual of Chüd

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IT 2017 Poster 200x300 - IT: CHAPTER TWO Screenwriter Talks Challenges of Filming the Ritual of ChüdConsidering Stephen King’s IT clocks in at a whopping 1,100 pages, it’s a difficult tome to adapt for film—even if you split the story up into two movies. This means that screenwriter Gary Dauberman has had a challenging job as the primary screenwriter 2017’s IT and 2019’s IT: Chapter Two, currently wrapping production in Toronto.

Not only is Dauberman tasked with editing the novel down to its most essential elements, he has to figure out how to bring some of IT’s most fantastic elements to the screen. One of the most bizarre aspects of King’s opus is the metaphysical Ritual of Chüd, a ceremony that must be meticulously executed in order to defeat the near-immortal Pennywise.

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Dauberman talked about the challenges and importance of the Ritual of Chüd in the upcoming IT: Chapter Two, directed by Andy Muschietti, with the folks at CinemaBlend:

“The Ritual of Chüd is challenging, but it’s such an important component of the book that we had to address it. That stuff is difficult to balance, but because [director Andy Muschietti, producer Barbara Muschietti and I] worked with each other before, when I’m writing pages and all that stuff it becomes more of a conversation and less like, ‘Hey, here’s what I did.’ It’s sort of organic; it’s really kind of just chipping away at the stone and trying to find the most focused, accessible way into some of the more metaphysical aspects of that book.”

It’ll be a while until we get an official trailer for IT: Chapter Two, slated to hit US theaters on September 6th, 2019. In the meantime, you can revisit the synopsis and trailer of 2017’s IT below.

Seven young outcasts in Derry, Maine, are about to face their worst nightmare — an ancient, shape-shifting evil that emerges from the sewer every 27 years to prey on the town’s children. Banding together over the course of one horrifying summer, the friends must overcome their own personal fears to battle the murderous, bloodthirsty clown known as Pennywise.

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