HAVANA DARKNESS Descends This Halloween

Havanna Darkness 199x300 - HAVANA DARKNESS Descends This HalloweenGravitas Ventures is releasing the very first English-language horror film shot in Cuba, Havana Darkness, a U.S.-Bulgarian co-production filmed on location in NYC and Havana and loosely based on the contents of a legendary manuscript that is said to have been penned by none other than Ernest Hemingway during his Cuban days.

Recently, the film also had its World Premiere on the big screen during Popcorn Frights Film Festival 2018 in Florida, and today we have word the film will be hitting “this Halloween.” No specific date has been set as of yet, but we’ll let you know once we hear more!

Until then you can check out the film’s poster to the right and a gallery of stills below along with the trailer. After that make sure to hit us up and let us know what you think in the comments below or on Facebook, Twitter, and/or Instagram!

Although Havana Darkness is not really based on true events, it does flirt with many real elements. Studying Hemingway and his personal life, his own personal conflicts and his late motives were most definitely an inspiration for the film,” says director Guillermo Ivan. “I would describe it as a suspenseful thriller with horror elements. It is the struggle for survival that triggers the dramatic action. The most provoking idea behind Havana Darkness is that it really makes you question why are some people attracted by violence. Extreme violence. What is it that moves them?

Mexican filmmaker Guillermo Ivan directs for production companies Open Frames and Golden Ceiba. The story is by Ivan, Loris Curci, and Magarditch Halvadjian; with Barry Keating penning the screenplay. Starring genre favorites Jack Dimich and Zach Rose, and video game superstar Carolina Ravassa of Overwatch.

Look for it this Halloween.


When Carlos comes into possession of a manuscript that he believes to have been written by the late, great Ernest Hemingway in Havana, Cuba, he embarks on a journey from New York City with his two close friends to the bustling Caribbean island in an attempt to prove the manuscripts’ authenticity. As he digs deeper into unlocking the mysteries behind the manuscript, he uncovers a section in the book that details a series of grizzly murders that took place many years ago during Hemingway’s time on the island, at a shadowy building nestled deep in the heart of the city. Venturing deep into the bowels of the abandoned structure in search of answers to the many questions posed by the manuscript, Carlos, John and Karen soon find themselves trapped inside the decrepit building, the entire place sealed off and booby-trapped with a series of lethal traps with one sole purpose in mind: stopping them from escaping its clutches alive. Carlos and his friends quickly realize that his discovery of the book was by no means an accident. 

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