Breaking: Arrow Video Restoring & Releasing Obscure Erotic Horror WHIRLPOOL

Whirlpool 1970 220x300 - Breaking: Arrow Video Restoring & Releasing Obscure Erotic Horror WHIRLPOOLWhile journalists and critics are reporting on films screening at FrightFest, currently in full swing in London, our Editor-in-Chief Jonathan Barkan caught some chatter horror fans can get excited about: he’s confirmed that Arrow Video is restoring and releasing the obscure erotic horror movie Whirlpool sometime in 2019!

If you’ve never heard of Whirlpool, written and directed by José Ramón Larraz and released in 1970, you’re not alone. This will be the first time it’s been released in any physical media. You won’t find an entry about it on Wikipedia and the closest thing to a trailer we found on YouTube has been viewed less than 500 times (and reveals almost nothing about the plot). The brief summary on IMDB, however, is likely to pique your interest:

[A] Sex-thriller about a pornographic photographer, his aunt and an innocent English girl who becomes their victim.

Roger Ebert’s 1 Star review from December 8, 1970 reads, in part:

Whirlpool is a genuinely sickening film. It has to do with various varieties of sex, yes, but its main appeal seems to be its violence. The ads tell us ‘she died with her boots on — and not much else,’ and that’s a sign of the times. Two years ago, this film would have been promoted for its sex and nudity. Today, the distributor emphasizes the violence.”

We’ll keep you posted on Arrow’s release of Whirlpool as details emerge. Stay tuned!

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