TERRIFIER 05 Art the Clowns - Dread Central Presents: TERRIFIER’s Art the Clown Gets Mask & Costume from Trick or Treat Studios

Dread Central Presents: TERRIFIER’s Art the Clown Gets Mask & Costume from Trick or Treat Studios

Art the Clown, the wrap-around character from the All Hallows Eve movies, got his own feature film in Terrifier, released by Dread Central Presents earlier this year. Trick or Treat Studios are purveyors of high-quality latex masks and costume including officially licensed characters from some of horror’s most infamous classics. It sounds like a match made in Heaven to us!

We’re very proud to announce that our little rascal Art is getting his own officially licensed mask and costume from the folks at Trick or Treat Studios! It’s a testament to the impact Terrifier (written and directed by Damien Leone) is continuing to make with fans of extreme slashers, not to mention the fact that Art (played by David H. Thornton) is on his way to becoming one of the 21st Century’s most recognizable genre villains.

Happy to announce that Art The Clown will be joining the Trick or Treat Studios family! Look for masks and costumes coming in 2019.

Posted by Trick or Treat Studios on Monday, August 20, 2018


The only bad news (if it can be called that) is that the official Art the Clown products won’t be available until 2019.

If your interested in meeting the man behind the greasepaint, Thornton will be making an appearance at the Cult Classic Convention in Bastrop, Texas September 28th-30th. You can read more about that event by following the link below. And if you’ve yet to experience Terrifier for yourself, you can peep the trailer and synopsis at the bottom of the article.

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A maniacal clown terrorizes three young women and anyone else in his way on Hallow’een night.

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  • February 1, 2019

    Would LOVE the ART costume, BUT 600 dollars for a silicone mask is sadly not gonna happen 🙁

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