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QuakeCon 2018 Highlights: QUAKE CHAMPIONS Now Free Forever, New RAGE 2 Trailer, DOOM ETERNAL Brings Hell on Earth!



Fresh out of QuakeCon 2018 comes news that should excited, tantalize, and shred a bunch of you gamers out there!

First up, there’s the news that Quake Champions is officially free-to-play now and forever. That being said, those who want more champions are gonna have to shell out a few bucks. Adam Pyle, the Lead Designer of the game, told IGN, “…if you’re a free-to-play player then you can take the path of choosing to enter the game, you’ll get Ranger for free, and from there you can experience different players, different game modes, different trials. We have a free Champion in rotation that rotates so you can sample different characters, and then at your own leisure you decide who you want to purchase and add to your roster of Champions.”

It sounds like you won’t be able to own all the champions if you’re a free-to-play user BUT you’ll still get to test otherwise locked champions for yourself as the devs see fit. Honestly, that’s not a bad deal if you’re not keen on paying money for a combat arena shooter.

On to Rage 2, a new trailer was unveiled that showcases new biomes, fun weapons (including the return of the wingstick), and a feature where players will have to use their vehicle to take on enemy convoys. It honestly looks a bit like an updated take on what the Mad Max game did, at least in that final feature.

The biggest event of the livestream was, without a doubt, new footage and information about Doom Eternal, the sequel to iD Software’s 2016 relaunch of the Doom franchise. On top of a ton of gameplay footage, loads of new information has been revealed, both through explanation and through visual cues.

For example, the Doom Slayer will now have a new dash momentum system where he can lunge in every direction to either get out of the way of incoming attacks or to traverse treacherous obstacles. He’s also able to swing on extended poles, climb walls, and use a grappling hook that is quite happy to attach to enemies.

Furthermore, the game will see the Doom Slayer travel beyond the reaches of Earth, Mars, and Hell as a segment was shown with the demon-slaying badass on Phobos, one of Mars’ moons. Additional concept art suggests that the game may even see the Doom Slayer go to a more holy-looking environment, leading many to speculate if we’ll see our hero take on the citizens of Heaven!

Oh, and there is a gigantic BFG that fires rounds into space. Because fuck space.




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