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ALIEN EXPEDITION Trailer Voyages Into Fear

alien expedition 1 202x300 - ALIEN EXPEDITION Trailer Voyages Into Fear

Thanks to our friends over at Screen Anarchy, we can present the gloriously cheesy trailer for the indie sci-fi adventure film Alien Expedition. The two minute trailer is filled with three of our favorite things: spaceships, space guns, and of course, space dinosaurs.

The basic set up for Alien Expedition is fairly simple sci-fi fare, in which the crew of a star ship are sent on a deep space voyage to search for a hospital planet to serve as humanity’s new home. But there’s a catch: upon finding a potentially suitable planet, they head to the surface to investigate, only to find it crawling with monsters and unspeakable horrors. The trailer itself refers to the creatures as ‘space dinosaurs’, so it looks like we’re in for an intergalactic version of Jurassic World. And we’re fine with that.

Alien Expedition was directed by the Wallace Brothers, who were behind 2016’s David and Goliath, and stars C.J. Baker, Edward Gusts, Whitney Nielsen, Ethan McDowell, Linda S. Wong, and Antuone Torbert. The film’s soundtrack is available to buy for $7 on Bandcamp (and you can listen to a sample on YouTube), although there’s currently no word on when we can expect to see the film itself. Keep an eye on distributor Automatic Entertainment’s website for updates.


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