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walken - The Walken Dead Have a Fever ...There’s no denying the popularity of “The Walking Dead”. When we were first reading Robert Kirkman’s comics, we knew this tale was nothing short of genius. As a result zombies have now infected every aspect of pop culture. Especially comedic parodies which range between comic genius to wow, what bullshit. This one, however? Chicken fried gold!

Below you’ll find “The Walken Dead” from director Ryan Hunter starring Taige Jensen, Trevor Vaughn, Melodie Sisk, Veronika Dominczyk, Ryan Hunter, Renaldy Smith, Jon Mantzke and The Walkens – Neal Bledsoe, Will Connell, Justin Morgan, Trevor Vaughn, Ted Schneider, Scott Skolnick, Matt Imparato, Daniel Kelleher, Jenna Payne, and Ryan Hunter.

Time for a heaping helping of brains served with a healthy dosage of cowbell. Dig it!

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