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Jeremy blood splatter copys - Exclusive First Look at BODYSNATCH!


Exclusive First Look at BODYSNATCH!

bodysnatch poster - Exclusive First Look at BODYSNATCH!What better way could there be to end your week than with an exclusive from the upcoming feature from Final Destination scribe Jeffrey Reddick? Dread Central has some exclusive photos from his new flick, Bodysnatch.

The movie stars Reese Mishler (The Gallows) as Steve, a recent college graduate who returns to his home town to reconnect with his conspiracy-loving best friend, Jeremy (Paul Woolfolk), and Emma (Sarah Davenport), the proverbial girl that got away. When the trio go on a ride-along with a local police officer, what starts off as a joyride turns into a fight for survival when they discover an alien invasion that threatens Indianapolis and the world.

Bodysnatch was produced by Jeffrey Reddick, Justin Kornmann, and Gregory Ballard, who penned the screenplay. Directed by Louis Benjamin Del Guercio, Bodysnatch was shot in Indianapolis, and the production used real cops for all of the police characters. The producers are donating a portion of their profits to the Indianapolis Public Safety Foundation and Concerns of Police Survivors (C.O.P.S.)

You can order Bodysnatch on iTunes, Amazon, Hulu, Vimeoor Xbox.

Jeremy Steve Emma discuss strategy - Exclusive First Look at BODYSNATCH!

Emma Steve Jeremy hide in woods - Exclusive First Look at BODYSNATCH!

Brandie and Marcus warehouse 2 - Exclusive First Look at BODYSNATCH!


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