E3 2018 Microsoft Conference: Titles to Expect in the Future

During Microsoft’s 2018 E3 presentation, big titles were announced from darker stories such as Shadow of the Tomb Raider and We Happy Few to lighthearted adventures like Sea of Thieves and Battletoads. Microsoft is showing a much more impressive lineup for this year’s E3.

The reveal of a new Shadow of the Tomb Raider trailer was released, showing that the trilogy is about to get darker than the last two installments. Lara Croft is back for another adventure in search of answers while on the chase of her life to find artifacts that will alter the course of humanity if placed in the hands of the infamous organization know as Trinity. Developed by Square Enix, it is set to be released on Xbox One, PS4, and Windows PC on September 14, 2018.

We also got a new We Happy Few trailer showing a full-length narrative story on what it means to live without fully knowing the truth of your environment. Developed by Compulsion Games, the story is set in a retro futuristic England during the 1960’s, and you play through interwoven narratives to uncover the secrets of Wellington Wells to escape a lifetime of cheerful denial. The game is set be fully released on Xbox One, PS4, and Windows PC on August 10, 2018.

Another new title was announced introducing itself with some comic book wit and a familiar concept. After more than 20 years, Battletoads is coming back into the gaming world in 2019 on the Xbox One and Windows PC. Although owned by Rare Studios, it is being developed by Dlala Studios.  It remains unknown whether or not the game will be on other systems.  

Sea of Thieves is back, and its story continues with the newly announced add-ons Sea of Thieves: Cursed Sails and Sea of Thieves: Forsaken Shadows. Sea of Thieves is an exclusive for Xbox One users and Windows 10, soon to come ashore in the summer of 2018.

This wouldn’t be E3 if we didn’t get an announcement of fresh new titles to be placed on shelves in the near future. Microsoft announced a new game from CD Projekt Red, famously known as the company behind The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt, a new and dark RPG called Cyberpunk 2077. It’s a narrative-driven game set in an active and dangerous metropolitan city known as Night City. It is also known that Cyberpunk 2077 is set in the same universe as the 1988 game Cyberpunk 2020.

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