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Exclusive: Dinosaurs, Golden Retrievers, and PREHYSTERIA! Oh My!



While we love adult-aimed horror, we can’t deny that there is something really special about introducing younger audiences to the world of monsters and creatures. While it’s not really prudent nor advised to start with Martyrs, I think we can all agree that a little Gremlins never really hurt anyone. But if you’re running out of family-friendly romps that inject a little terror into its adventure, the folk over at Full Moon are here to save the day as they’ve announced that they’ll be rereleasing 1993’s Prehysteria on Blu-ray this summer!

The film follows the misadventures of Jerry Taylor (Austin O’Brien), a 12 year old Elvis-loving kid and his sister Monica (Samantha Mills), whose raisin farmer dad Frank (Brett Cullen) accidentally brings home a bundle of rare eggs unearthed in the rainforest by Rico Sarno (Stephen Lee), a sinister museum curator. Suddenly, the eggs hatch, unleashing a pack of diminutive dinosaurs that the kids name after their favorite rock and pop music stars – Elvis, Jagger, Madonna, Paula and Hammer. But when Sarno finds out about the dinos, he’ll stop at nothing to get his hands on them and its up to Jerry and Monica to protect their new “family”.

Prehysteria will be presented as a remastered, high-definition transfer taken from the original 35mm camera negative.




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