At This Point, Let’s Just Put THE CROW Remake Down Forever

As Mr. Mister once said, “Take these broken wings/And learn to fly again”. It seems like Jason Momoa and Corin Hardy haven’t heard that song as they’ve both formally exited the remake of The Crow just a few weeks before it was scheduled to start filming.

Deadline broke the news that the duo, the former who was set to play Eric Draven and the latter being the director, bowed out due to “creative and financial differences” with Davis Films and Samuel Hadida, who hold the rights and were financing the adaptation. Additionally, even though Sony announced worldwide distribution rights and even a release date of October 11, 2019, that deal was never formally closed.

The Crow has long had troubles getting a new adaptation. The titular role was filled, or rumored to be filled, at various points by folks like Mark Wahlberg, Bradley Cooper, Tom Hiddleston, Luke Evans, and more. The adaptation has also seen a conveyor belt of directors come and go over the years. All of this has happened since a remake was first announced in late 2008, so we’re talking a decade of changes at pretty much every single level.

In The Crow, a man comes back to life a year after he and his fiancee were brutalized and murdered so that he can seek revenge on those who wronged him. Imbued with supernatural powers, his journey takes him deep into the criminal underworld of Detroit.