The Orphan Killer Introduces Slasher Marcus Miller Worldwide

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Marcus Miller is a bad man. The newest cold-blooded (and I mean cold-blooded; this is guy is batshit crazy!) killer to hit the silver screen is the star of Matt Farnsworth’s violent new film The Orphan Killer. And he doesn’t fuck around.

As you’ll see by the trailer below, The Orphan Killer is a very Halloween-esque film. But if you’re going to model yourself after something, why not one of the most successful independent films of all time?

So what do we know about this new slasher, Marcus Miller? Just judging by the trailer, he’s really, really brutal. I would make the argument that he swings an axe with as much aggression and bad intentions as anyone I’ve ever seen (but I think that nun had it coming).

The Orphan Killer was written and directed by Matt Farnsworth (he also plays Mike in the film) and stars David Backus as Miller. Also featured are Diane Foster, James McCaffrey, John Savage and Karen Young. Check out The Orphan Killer Facebook page, which is currently pushing 100,000 Likes. You go, Marcus Miller!

Read on for upcoming screenings of The Orphan Killer at film festivals around the world.

From the Press Release
A bloody star is born. The first horror franchise of the 21st century spawned in social media. The latest sensation in the slasher genre. Fans have gone crazy over The Orphan Killer. They are already asking for sequels, masks, action figures, and video games before the independent horror film has yet to be fully released.

Critics and major genre festivals have gotten news of The Orphan Killer’s studio-sized 100,000 Facebook fanbase, it’s stellar reviews in market tests, and have asked to premiere the film in October and November.

It will now play at Shriekfest LA (U.S.) on October 2nd, Sitges Film Festival (Spain) on October 13th, San Sebastian Horror and Fantasy Film Festival (Spain) on October 28th, MORBIDO Film Festival (Mexico) on October 31st, Bram Stoker International Film Festival (UK) also on October 31st, Terror Molins Dei Rei (Spain) on November 6th, and the TOhorror Film Festival (Italy) on November 11th.

Creator Matt Farnsworth, star Diane Foster, and The Orphan Killer character are scheduled to attend in Hollywood, Spain, and Italy.

orphank - The Orphan Killer Introduces Slasher Marcus Miller Worldwide

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