There’s New Information About Universal’s DOOM Reboot

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Some fresh news about Universal’s Doom reboot has come across our paths that we’re excited to share with you. An anonymous source, which we were able to independently confirm, has told us that Tony Giglio (Timber Falls, Extraction, Chaos) will be directing the film based on a script he wrote. Additionally, we’re being told that Amy Manson (Once Upon A Time, Being Human, The White Princess) has been cast as the film’s lead.

We’ve also heard that Autonomous FX will be doing special effects, makeup, and demon design. The company has worked on such films as Sinister, I Spit On Your Grave, Stan Against Evil, Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter, and more. However, they will not be doing the actor’s makeup, which is being handled by a different department.

Elsewhere, Variety learned that the film is being handled by Universal’s non-theatrical division Universal 1440 Entertainment, which suggests the film is either going straight-to-video or it could go to a streaming platform, such as Netflix.

Doom will begin filming in the near future in Bulgaria.

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