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Dario Argento Is Coming to HorrorCon UK 2018

Hold your machetes, wipe your tears, and pick your jaw up from the floor because the one and only Italian master of the horror film, Dario Argento, will be making a rare visit to the UK to take part in HorrorCon UK. The greatest horror convention in England is now in its fourth year, and getting Argento to appear is a real coup.

Argento, who is perhaps one of the greatest ever horror directors to get behind a lens, will be appearing over the weekend of May 19th-20th to meet with fans and join in a Q&A session; there will even be a chance to get a photo with him!

HorrorCon UK will be pulling out all of the stops as the guests don’t stop there. Also scheduled to appear will be the legendary David Warner, who has starred in everything from The Omen to Waxwork. Warner was supposed to make an appearance last year but sadly had to pull out at the 11th hour due to filming commitments.

The one and only Jeff Combs, who is most famous amongst horror fans for playing Herbert West in the 1985 classic Re-Animator, will be making an appearance; and it is always an honor to share his company. In fact it will be a somewhat Re-Animator reunion as Barbara Crampton will also be at HorrorCon UK, marking her first ever European convention appearance!

The legendary Dee Wallace, who is a bona fide scream queen with a resume that includes The Howling, The Hills Have Eyes, Cujo and The Lords of Salem and let’s not forget she survived the Critters so no messin’ with this gal, is also here and will be warmly welcomed, that’s for sure.  Other guests include legendary performer Claudio Simonetti. Basically, if you have a giallo movie in your collection – which we know you do, then you have heard Simonetti’s incredible work. He has worked closely with Argento and other Italian masters such as Lucio Fulci and Umberto Lenzi. The icing on the cake is that Simonetti will also perform some of his original movie scores on the day.

Billy Wirth, who played Dwayne as part of the gang of vampires in one of the greatest 80s horror movies ever in The Lost Boys, will also be here… just make sure you don’t get bitten by him! Rounding up the guests will be Graham Humphreys, a man who needs no introduction but will get one anyway. Humphreys’ artistic talent knows no boundaries; he has been behind the iconic UK VHS artwork from The Evil Dead to A Nightmare on Elm Street.

Apart from the guests will be the various traders selling everything from replica props, t-shirts, rare memorabilia, movies, magazines, and model kits. Hosts will include Ben Wilkinson, Tony Earnshaw, Darrell Buxton, and the majestic Bunny Galore! Simply put, if you’re a horror fan and can get to the UK this May, you cannot miss the event of the year!

HorrorCon UK takes place the weekend of May 19th-2oth at Magna Science Adventure Center in Sheffield, England. You can purchase tickets and photo ops right here.

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