PlayWay’s Next Horror Game Awakens The Beast Inside

PlayWay, the Polish publisher who will be bringing us the Hellish adventure Agony sometime in the near future, have once again turned to Kickstarter to finance their latest horror game, The Beast Inside. They’ve already raised considerably more than their £33,184 goal, but there’s still some time left to contribute if you’d like to help bring the game into existence.

The Beast Inside promises to be a photo-realistic horror experience, and judging by the footage and screenshots, it comes pretty damn close. Whilst they certainly aren’t working with a AAA budget, they were able to achieve the incredibly realistic visuals thanks to use of both the Unreal Engine 4 and the technique known as photogrammetry, which is the science of making measurements from photographs. The game is being developed by Illusion Ray, a company specializing in creating CG and virtual reality products, hence the near photo-realistic visuals.

Regarding plot, The Beast Inside will follow the ordeal of a CIA cryptanalyst named Adam, who accidentally unleashes a hidden evil when he opens a mysterious diary in a secluded country house. But why listen to me describe the plot when you can watch big time YouTuber Angry Joe’s gameplay video for The Beast Inside, which he shared with his 2.9 million followers?