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Sarah French’s Ancestor Runs Rampant Through Festival Run



Well… not her actual ancestor, though knowing French, that wouldn’t exactly be out of the question. What we’re talking about is the new flick starring the prolific indie actress Sarah French entitled Ancestor. Read on for the trailer and artwork!

From the Press Release:
Stalwart indie horror scream queen Sarah French (Half-life Horror from Hell, Land Shark, Escape from Ensenada) grabs the reins of a double lead role in Robert Berg’s latest short horror film, Ancestor, now headed to festivals across the country.

In the tale, modern housewife and mom KATE (played by French) receives an evil 1800’s-era relic from her long-dead great-grandmother (and doppelganger) KATHERINE that will change her life forever.

Laden with visual effects by Jack Bertram of Motion Forge, Ancestor is a return to short horror for writer/director Berg, whose work includes the disturbing psychological thriller/slasher feature film Misogyny (2012), horror short finis (2010), and several award-winning science-fiction short films.

Calling French “irresistibly evil in any time and in any wardrobe,” Berg said that working with her in Ancestor was a “dream come true. Sarah is well-loved by the horror community. She is a superb actress and a real veteran of the genre. I loved seeing her step out of the scream queen role into a pair of dramatic lead characters, then watch her eclipse the challenge; her performances are exquisite. As an actress she is a director’s fantasy, solidly professional, a joy to work with, and my new hero! Privately she is a kind, engaging, effervescent sweetheart, so unlike the many evil femme fatales on her resume.”

He added, “The icing on the cake for the film is the incredible score by award-winning composer Mark D’Errico. It still gives me chills every time.”

Ancestor was shot in August in Colorado with a supporting cast including talented horror babe and sacrifice Lela Remley (Eye of Noor, Replicant Terminus), and adroit newcomers Natalie De Rosa and Charlie Padgett. Ancestor was produced by Berg Imaging Inc.

Ancestor - Sarah French's Ancestor Runs Rampant Through Festival Run





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