Pacific Rim Uprising Is Nowhere Near as Metal as The Asylum’s Atlantic Rim: Resurrection Trailer

atlanticrimresurrectionbanner 750x422 - Pacific Rim Uprising Is Nowhere Near as Metal as The Asylum's Atlantic Rim: Resurrection Trailer

AtlanticRimResurrection 210x300 - Pacific Rim Uprising Is Nowhere Near as Metal as The Asylum's Atlantic Rim: Resurrection Trailer

The Asylum released Atlantic Rim to coincide with the release of Pacific Rim. Now, with Pacific Rim Uprising soon to be released, The Asylum is about to give us another rim job.

Ewww… I probably should have phrased that better.

The Asylum’s original Pacific Rim mockbuster Atlantic Rim, as it was released in seemingly every part of the globe except North America (where the title was inexplicably changed to the slightly porn-ish sounding Attack from Beneath for what I presume were legal reasons since studios were starting to get a little legal with them at the time), was a delightfully daffy b-movie that straddled the line between enjoyably silly monster movie and unintentionally hilarious cinematic trainwreck. “The ultimate monster movie about booze-hounding broskis in battle bots saving New York City from a crazy-eyed giant sea beast that frequently appears to be merely a lost animal, confused and irritated that these metal men won’t stop hitting it” is how I described it in my review back then.

Even though the film was released in the US as Attack from Beneath, the sequel is being released everywhere as a direct follow-up to Atlantic Rim because — it’s The Asylum, dammit! You think the masters of the mockbuster, the sultans of Sharknado, are worried about trivial matters like marketplace confusion or simple basic continuity?

You can keep your Uprising, Pacific Rim, because we’ve got an Atlantic Rim: Resurrection to deal with!

Hold up a sec. Checking my Thesaurus. Aaaaaannnnd…. Nope. “Resurrection” is not a synonym for “Uprising.”  Atlantic Rim: Insurrection, Atlantic Rim: Revolt, Atlantic Rim: Upheaval, Atlantic Rim: Rumpus, and Atlantic Rim: Brouhaha would have been acceptable synonyms to “Uprising.” But “Resurrection” is what they went with, and I suppose as far as fairly meaningless movie subtitles go, it’s perfectly acceptable.

I don’t know about you, but I’d pay good money to watch a movie titled Atlantic Rim: Brouhaha — especially if the monsters were giant mutant clownfish. Ah, what might have been.

Anyway, Jared Cohn, who wrote and directed the original, is back in the director’s chair for the sequel and is even billed as one of the film’s stars. Xavi Israel, Steve Richard Harris, Lindsay Elston, and Jenna Enns co-star in the second installment of this unlikely franchise that pretty much follows the first film’s simple premise of giant robot pilots battling giant monsters that threaten the East Coast of the United States.

Mech-bots, with even bigger and badder weapons than their predecessors, attempt to stop bio-mechanical monsters from descending on L.A. But the monsters are strong, too, leaving the pilots of the mech-bots scrambling to defeat the creatures.

WHAT!!!??? MONSTERS ATTACK LOS ANGELES!!!??? But that’s the Pacific Coast, not the Atlantic Coast! The movie is titled Atlantic Rim, for crying out loud!

Oh, Asylum, don’t ever change. Please. I mean it. Never ever change.

Pacific Rim Uprising doesn’t arrive until the end of March. The Asylum won’t make you wait that long for their mechanized mockbuster. According to their website, the release date for the sequel is listed as February 15th. Isn’t that a Thursday? This Thursday! That’s an odd day to release a movie. Heck, talk about rushing a film out. First we’re hearing about it, and it’s already here.

You should waste no time watching the trailer for Atlantic Rim: Resurrection coming to us the day after Valentine’s Day. Nothing says “I love you” quite like the gift of Asylum mockbusters.

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