monster hunter world banner 1 - Monster Hunter: World Sales Surpass 1.35 Million

Monster Hunter: World Sales Surpass 1.35 Million

monster hunter world ps4 cover 1 239x300 - Monster Hunter: World Sales Surpass 1.35 MillionThe Monster Hunter franchise has always been incredibly popular in its native Japan, so it probably won’t surprise you too much to know that Monster Hunter: World sold an incredible 1.35 million copies in the country in just three days after its release. This figure is only for physical PS4 copies (the Xbox One version was not released in Japan because the Xbox brand is basically dead over there), so it will likely be closer to two million if you take digital sales into consideration.

Specific figures were not given for international sales, although Capcom announced that five million copies were shipped to retailers, meaning that the game is very likely to be doing big business in international territories. The publisher also confirmed that over 45 million Monster Hunter games have been sold as of January 28, 2018, a number that will continue to grow as World continues to fly off shelves.

Monster Hunter: World was also a hit with critics and currently holds a score of 91% on Metacritic, making it the highest reviewed game in the franchise.

If you prefer to game on PC rather than on consoles, keep in mind that it will also be released on Steam later this year.

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