Maggots Now Infesting VOD After a Decade in the Making

By Foywonder

It’s not every day you come across a movie that bills itself as a “thrill ride of maggot mayhem,” but then not every movie can be Maggots.

Even more amazing — Maggots is about ten years in the making! The trailer accompanying this article was first posted on YouTube back in 2007.

Jeff Albee, Jerry Bell, Jr., Nikki Grill, and giant maggot hand puppets star in writer-director Bobby Bragg’s ten-years-in-the-making monster movie, produced by legendary b-movie maestro Fred Olen Ray.

See for yourself as Maggots and all 71 minutes of its ultra low budget overgrown gross-out horror is now available on VOD. I’m told it’s not a pretty sight.

A meteor blasts through space and quickly enters the Earth’s atmosphere, crashing hard and littering the area with fragments of meteorite. Two unsuspecting campers witness the spectacle and proceed to investigate. Maggots crawl from the broken fragments and start to grow as they escape the space rock. A group of youth rehabbers are on a field trip to the area as two scientists from the local university are dispatched to investigate…

It soon becomes a fight to survive the giant maggots, which have acquired a thirst for human blood. Will there be maggot steaks at the local diner or human carnage in this thrill ride of maggot mayhem?

maggots sci fi horror film movie - Maggots Now Infesting VOD After a Decade in the Making