The Slender Man Trailer Looks as Generic as Generic Horror Movies Get

slendermanposter 203x300 - The Slender Man Trailer Looks as Generic as Generic Horror Movies GetThe first trailer for Slender Man, a new adaptation of the now legendary creepypasta, has been released, and DAMN, does it look generic! From what I can tell, the story will revolve around a town that is going through a spate of disappearances and strange phenomena, all of which are tied to the urban legend of a mysterious “Slenderman,” who specifically targets children.

Honestly, this looks like a mashup of Gore Verbinski’s The Ring with all those movies that came out around the same time as Darkness Falls. While I dig the hell out of the atmosphere that this trailer exudes, everything else is so cliche and overdone that I can’t find much excitement for the film. “Disturbing” flashes? Doorways that rot with evil? C’mon now.

That being said, it’s got Javier Botet, who is always a delight to see in action. It might be worth seeing the film for his performance alone.

Slender Man will come out in theaters on May 18, 2018. It’s directed by Sylvain White, written by David Birke (based on a character by Victor Surge), and stars Joey King, who is becoming quite the horror icon herself by appearing in films like Quarantine, The Conjuring, Wish Upon, and more. Julia Goldani-Telles, Jaz Sinclair, and Annalise Basso co-star.

In a small town in Massachusetts, four high school girls perform a ritual in an attempt to debunk the lore of SLENDER MAN. When one of the girls goes mysteriously missing, they begin to suspect that she is, in fact, HIS latest victim.