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A Very Troma Christmas! Animated Special Is A Must-See Holiday Delight



I don’t know about you but nothing brings about the holidays better than Troma. Okay, maybe you if you don’t quite feel that way. But still, it seems Troma is looking to change all of that with their new Christmas special “A Very Troma Christmas! – The Whole Toxic Affair.”

You can watch all the Christmas debauchery below and then let us know what you think!

“A Very Troma Christmas! – The Whole Toxic Affair” is Animated by Justin J Bowen, directed by Lloyd Kaufman & Lily Hayes Kaufman, produced by Lloyd Kaufman, Lily Hayes Kaufman, John Brennan & Justin J. Bowen, edited & Mixed by John Brennan, and features original music by Kevin McGinnis & Phil Costello.

The animated special stars Ben Kissel as Toxie, Lloyd Kaufman as Buddha/Abraham Lincoln/French Reindeer, John Brennan as Mother Teresa/OJ Simpson/Rudolph/Various, Emily Hamilton as Tiny Tim/Caitlyn Gender, Sara Elizabeth Perito as Kim Kardashian/Little Girl, Travis Campbell as War Mart, Matt Paden as Shamazon, Dylan Greenberg as Beast Buy, Alexandra Faye Sadeghian as Spliffany, Justin J Bowen as Bill Clinton/Various, Cassidy Barr as Non-male in Crowd, Meghan Magner as Excited Gyno, and Angry Video Game Nerd.


Evil megastores have transformed Christmas into a hellish consumeristic nightmare full of greed and violence. Only Santa Claus (as played by The Toxic Avenger) and his heavenly friends can restore love and happiness to the holiday season!



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