New Short Spreads Holiday Fear

Santa will soon be on his way! Or will he? Judging from the poster of the new horror short Holiday Fear, it doesn’t look too likely. In any event, check out the goods right here. It’s Friday, after all. You deserve some goof-off time!

From writer/director/producer Nicholas Payne Santos, Holiday Fear stars Rebeca Robles, Eric Whitten, and Ben Elder as Killer Santa! After screening at thirty-five film festivals (i.e., the Fantasia Intl. Film Festival, Telluride Horror Show, FilmQuest, and Nightmares Film Fest), Holiday Fear is online! Enjoy your ho-ho-horror short!

After the final act of a Christmas slasher film, Bruce attempts to reclaim his manliness and impress the final girl by finishing off the killer.

holiday fear - New Short Spreads Holiday Fear