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Jodie Foster’s Black Mirror Season 4 Episode Gets Creepy Teaser



BlackMirror - Jodie Foster's Black Mirror Season 4 Episode Gets Creepy Teaser

“The key to good parenting is control.”

I was a big fan of Netflix’s recent revival of “Black Mirror”. I ate up all the episodes I could find (which, unfortunately, aren’t many) and then began to anxiously count down the days until a fourth season went live.

Well, those days are getting shorter and short, thank the lord, as today we have our first look at the upcoming season by way of a teaser trailer for the episode “Arkangel” directed by Jodie Foster. And it’s pretty damn unsettling.

The whole thing seems to be about a little girl who goes missing at a park and is returned quickly. She must then have doctors inject some, no doubt nefarious, shite into her brains. And being that this is “Black Mirror”, expect there to be… side-effects.

You can check out the creepy teaser trailer yourself below and then make sure to hit us up and let us know what you think in the comments below or on social media!

“Black Mirror” Season Four is set to premiere on Netflix next year.

Synopsis via THR:

Rosemarie DeWitt stars as a mother whose child goes missing at the neighborhood playground. Thankfully, her daughter reappears, but she then turns to technology to make sure such a terrifying mishap never happens again. However, it seems that activating the safety measure requires injecting a syringe directly into the child’s head.







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