Ever Wondered What Happened to Hellraiser’s Kirsty After The Hellbound Heart?


hellraiser the toll by mark alan miller jpg 209x300 - Ever Wondered What Happened to Hellraiser's Kirsty After The Hellbound Heart?

Let’s skip over the Hellraiser movies for a second, shall we? Yes, I know that might seem like a tall order but they’re not exactly 100% relevant to the story at hand, even though we’re going to follow Kirsty Cotton and her story.

While many people first met Kirsty in the first two Hellraiser movies, she was introduced as Larry Cotton’s friend in Clive Barker’s 1986 novella The Hellbound Heart, which also served as the first time we met Pinhead and the Cenobites. After the story, we kinda lost touch with Kirsty, although she appeared in Boom! Studios’ Hellraiser comics, ultimately transforming into a Cenobite. That comic arc was set 20 years after the events of The Hellbound Heart, which leaves us with a rather large gap in her story, a gap that apparently holds some rather interesting adventures. Enter Hellraiser: The Toll.

A new book coming from Subterranean Press, Hellraiser: The Toll (review) is written by Mark Alan Miller, based off a story by Clive Barker, and bridges the time between The Hellbound Heart and its followup The Scarlet Gospels, which incidentally brought back the character of Harry D’Amour. This new book will discuss the 30 years between those two stories, seemingly ignoring the comic arc as Kirsty appears to be quite human throughout The Toll‘s pages.

In it, Kirsty has been living the life of a nomad, drifting from town to town, never settling in one place for longer than a few years. She constantly changes her identity so as to remain elusive from forces that she feels are ever nipping at her heels. One day, she receives a letter addressed to her old name, which sends her on a journey of investigation and, ultimately, confrontation.

Pre-orders for the book can be found on Subterranean Press’ website.

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