rock paper deads 1 - Rock Paper Dead Red Carpet Premiere in Hollywood

Rock Paper Dead Red Carpet Premiere in Hollywood

Rock Paper Dead is the story of serial killer Peter “The Doll Maker” Harris (Luke Mcfarlane), who returns to his family estate after being released from the state’s hospital for the criminally insane after twenty years – a cured man. Supposedly! This flick is brought to us by the creators of Friday the 13th and Child’s Play: namely, Victor Miller (writer) and Tom Holland (director).

Disappointingly, neither was in attendance for the big Hollywood red carpet and Halloween night screening. But, we caught up with plenty of folks from the film including Tatum O’Neal (this is her first horror movie!). Rock Paper Dead also stars Michael Madsen and Gabrielle Stone (the legendary Dee Wallace’s daughter).

All Photos by Aaron Kai

Tatum O’Neal [Actor]

This is my first horror film. The genre people who like campy 80s this movie is worth seeing.
I loved being on set with so many classic horror legends – Tom Holland, Victor Miller, and Ari Lehman. I enjoyed working with Luke [Macfarlane] too, because he’s such a good actor. That was really the fun for me. [As for what it’s like to work with Tom Holland] he’s a grumpy guy. I have to say! And we had our moments of where I had to say, ‘You may have been able to treat people like that back in your day, but in my day we have a little more power now and we can speak in respectful terms to each other.’ He got that, and we were fine after that.

TatumOneal - Rock Paper Dead Red Carpet Premiere in Hollywood

Amy Williams [Producer]

The team of Tom Holland and Victor Miller brings witty humor. Victor’s script is wonderful. Michael Madsen is amazing. There are so many different elements that are funny to me. But it’s also a slow-burn thriller that unravels into a fast-paced 80s horror throwback. It has a style all its own. I think mixing those two together at this time in their lives gave us something totally original. We did have to ease back with Tom, though. He wants a lot of boobs and guts and heads cut off, you know. He’s Tom Holland, you know.

AmyWilliams - Rock Paper Dead Red Carpet Premiere in Hollywood

Kerry Fleming [Co-writer]

It was an amazing experience. I was introduced to Victor 10 years ago, and he was my mentor. But he was retired, and really didn’t want to get back into writing – but I came up with the basic idea for this and he [got on board]. We worked together for months developing the script writing it until we thought we had it. It’s a modern version of 80s horror movies – so if you took one of those films and brought it up to today’s standards and ideals, that is what we nailed.

KerryFleming - Rock Paper Dead Red Carpet Premiere in Hollywood

Kimberly Russell [Producer / Actor]

I have a courtroom scene with the amazing Tatum O’Neal. I grew up watching her on television and in films, so it was incredible to act with her. She is so wonderful and so professional and giving. As for working with Tom Holland, he is amazing. So wonderful. I don’t want to give his age away, but he behaves like he’s 20 years younger. He kept the mood light in between takes.

KimberlyRussell - Rock Paper Dead Red Carpet Premiere in Hollywood

Anna Margaret [Actor]

The film is shocking because not only is it funny, it’s scary. It’s got a little bit of something for everyone. It’s even kind of hot, because you’re not dealing with your typical scary killer. They’re usually kinda creepy looking, but this guy he’s not! I play Zoe… I don’t want to give too much away, but she’s a cool role.

AnnaMargaret - Rock Paper Dead Red Carpet Premiere in Hollywood

Courtlyn Cannan [Actor]

I am the very first victim in the film. I play the sister to Jennifer Titus who is killed, which makes her go after my killer for revenge. I love that. There are very few films like this. I love cult-classic campy films like Frankenhooker, and I have a feeling this one is going to be like that because there are so many little scenes where you’re trying not to giggle. It was a huge honor to be in a Tom Holland film. The last scene for me was my death scene, and when I wrapped he said, “I see something in you. You’ve got to keep this up.” He had no idea how big that was for me. He patted me on the back, and I went to my trailer and got cleaned, and I kind of cried for a minute. I mean, Tom Holland just told me I’m going to go somewhere and that I have a career. As artists we believe in ourselves and we want to succeed, but we still need that encouragement from someone at that level. Victor was great too. Such an honor.

CourtlynCannan - Rock Paper Dead Red Carpet Premiere in Hollywood

Holland (Fright Night, Child’s Play, Hatchet 2) directs from a screenplay by Kerry Fleming and Victor Miller (Friday the 13th). Luke Macfarlane, Jennifer Titus, Michael Madsen, Tatum O’Neal, Anna Margaret, Gabrielle Stone, Ari Lehman, and Maureen McCormick star.

A reformed serial killer is released and moves into his family’s ancestral estate and is haunted by his past – both the living and the dead.

rock paper dead 1 - Rock Paper Dead Red Carpet Premiere in Hollywood

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