Go Pre-Evil Dead with Scott Spiegel and Bill Ward’s Super 8 Shorts – AVAILABLE NOW! Must Watch Videos Right Here!


Bruce Campbell doing radio commercials for TV? Pre-Evil Dead shorts? If you’re looking to add one of the most compelling collections of horror history to your home video collections… LOOK NO FURTHER! Read on for details and a sampling of some of the shorts included along with a boat load of imagery!

From The Press Release:
This is our first Super8Shorts.com DVD presentation. While many have seen the iconic horror movie The Evil Dead, and its sequels Evil Dead II & Army Of Darkness, fewer know is that its creators & friends had a legacy of Super-8 Short film making stretching all the way back to their childhood in the late ’60s. It’s Murder, Within The Woods and The Blind Waiter are among the most prominent examples, but there were nearly seventy shorts made from 1969 onwards.

This first DVD set contains eleven of the earliest shorts made by both Bill & Scotty. It’s available in ‘Standard’ & ‘Deluxe’ versions. They’re both the same, although the ‘Deluxe’ set comes with four rather than two photos, and they’re signed by Bill & Scott. Here is a complete list of everything you get in both ‘Standard’ & ‘Deluxe’ versions:

  • One dual layer DVD containing the eleven shorts, each with an optional commentary track from Scotty, the DVD promo, motion menus, and full color printed disc artwork.
  • A black standard DVD case with color glossy DVD sleeve.
  • A four page handmade vintage style booklet, with an introduction from Bill, and notes on each short from Scott.
  • ‘Standard’ set only – Two 6″ x 4″ color replica photos.
  • ‘Deluxe’ set only – Four 6″ x 4″ color replica photos, signed by Scotty & Bill.
  • A packed DVD-ROM folder, including; Both Scotty & Bill’s raw unedited PDF notes for the DVD booklet, 132 Super-8 Shorts related behind the scenes, promo & miscellaneous photos, Super-8 Shorts Related Newspapers, Magazines & Text Files, information on the Super-8 Shorts Josh Becker used to sell, the Super-8 Shorts Score Project, and an offline backup of the BookOfTheDead.ws website as of the 13th of July 2017.

The list of shorts included runs at 67m 16s in total, and play in chronological order. The titles, dates & running times are as follows:

1. Inspector Clutz Saves the Day (1969) (9m 00s)
2. Pies & Guys (1971) (3m 22s)
3. Corny Casanovas (1971) (6m 08s)
4. For Crymin’ Out Loud (1973) (4m 31s)
5. Piece of Mind (1973) (6m 49s)
6. A Night in a Sanitarium (1973) (10m 13s)
7. Loose Loot (1973) (4m 50s)
8. Three Smart Saps (1973) (7m 38s)
9. Three Pests in a Mess (1974) (7m 35s)
10. Booby Bartenders (1974) (4m 26s)
11. Curse of the Werewolf Teaser (1974) (2m 38s)

While a small number have leaked out as bootlegs over the years, and a handful officially released, this will be the first time many of these shorts have been publicly & officially seen. The shorts themselves are made up of both footage the group shot themselves, and stock footage they had access to, along with occasional Three Stooges dialog, stock music & sound effects.

Scotty transferred many of the huge number of shorts from Super-8 film to S-VHS tape back in the 1990s, and later on to DVD, when he added/upgraded certain stock shots simply unavailable at the time. That aside, the content of the shorts themselves (including any music) remains untouched. This DVD is pretty much the experience you would have had on viewing these shorts when they were first shown back in the early ’70s.

This DVD set is only available through Super8Shorts.com, and is out to buy, now!

All images courtesy of Scott Spiegel and Bill Ward.

super 8 shorts 4 - Go Pre-Evil Dead with Scott Spiegel and Bill Ward's Super 8 Shorts - AVAILABLE NOW! Must Watch Videos Right Here!

super 8 shorts 10 - Go Pre-Evil Dead with Scott Spiegel and Bill Ward's Super 8 Shorts - AVAILABLE NOW! Must Watch Videos Right Here!

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