Rest In Peace: Len Wein


I know all of our heroes have to go sometime, but one of the worst things about getting older is years like this one where they seem to go all at once. Len Wein, legendary editor and writer of comics for decades, passed away this past weekend at age 69.

Mainstream folks know Len for co-creating Swamp Thing and Wolverine.  He also co-created several popular X-Men characters while revitalizing the series in the 80’s, such as Nightcrawler and Storm.  His most lauded work was as editor for Alan Moore’s legendary Watchmen series.

Horror fans know him for years of working on multiple horror titles like House of Mystery, House of Secrets, and my favorite, Weird War Tales.

Weird War Tales was a staple of my youth.  The Haunted Tank, the Unknown Soldier, and especially the Creature Commandos were a huge part of my imagination as a youngster.  I remember frequenting a park that had a shell of an old WWII tank to play in, and Haunted Tank re-enactments were the focus of every second I stayed there.

Wein was one of the most influential men in the history of comics, and his hand helped guide major characters and series for both DC and Marvel.  He continued working in comics, television, and video games writing and editing through 2015.

Here’s to Len and all the wonderful stories he brought us.

LenWein - Rest In Peace: Len Wein

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