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Pickle Rick Pop! Vinyls Coming This Christmas



Let’s face it, “Rick and Morty” is one of the best animated shows currently on TV. So I for one am absolutely in love with Funko’s magnificent Pickle Rick Pop! Vinyls. I never knew that the sight of a gherkin covered in rat entrails could bring so much joy into my heart.

Rick Sanchez’s transformation into a pickle in the season 3 episode “Pickle Rick” has since become one of the most iconic moments of the show, so these things are bound to fly off the shelves. Two editions of the disgusting figure will be available. The first will feature the pickle incarnation of Rick with the drill attached Wolverine-style to his wrists, whilst the second has him wielding a miniature rocket launcher. Both will hit stores this December, making them the perfect Christmas gifts for “Rick and Morty” fans.

Season 3 of “Rick and Morty” is currently airing on Adult Swim.

Coming Soon: Rick & Morty Pickle Rick Pop!s
“I’m Pickle Rick!”

You heard it, Pickle Rick is coming to Pop! vinyl.

Now featuring two variations of the genius scientist in pickle form! Pickle Rick and Pickle Rick with Laser. Add both versions of Pickle Rick to your collection this Winter!

Coming in December!




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