Honoring Hooper – The Horror Community Pays Tribute to the Great Tobe Hooper

How can I begin to memorialize Tobe Hooper? He gave Adam and I our start in the business when he hired us to make some tweaks to Crocodile, which the talented Michael Weiss had written. From that beginning we were thrown into the breakneck pace that was moviemaking with Nu-Image in the early 2000s.

We would go on to do two more movies with Tobe, Toolbox Murders and Mortuary. He was generous, loved a good story, and had a habit of muttering Tobe-isms that I will always cherish. (“Um, err, just, uh, play the irony… you know what I mean,” he would instruct actors, who generally did not have any idea what he was talking about.)

He loved playing tricks on actors to get a good performance out of them: I saw more than one actor scream in true fear on set. No one could do a jump scare like he could — and when you jumped, Tobe would chuckle with delight.

We miss you, Tobe.

– Jace Anderson

Written by Steve Barton

You're such an inspiration for the ways that I will never, ever choose to be.

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