Dive Into the World of Neil Gaiman’s Likely Stories

neilgaimanlikelystories 750x422 - Dive Into the World of Neil Gaiman's Likely Stories

Shudder has released a short trailer for Likely Stories, their 4-film anthology series that is based upon the works of renowned author Neil Gaiman. What makes this series interesting is that each tale is told by a different person but the cast of each film goes across the others, so you’ll see familiar faces in completely different and unrelated roles. It’s a clever way to make the most out of the cast/crew you’ve got while becoming, in a way, a game to see if you can spot everyone.

The series will launch on the horror streaming service a week from today.

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Adapted from the dark tales of prolific author Neil Gaiman (Coraline, American Gods, Stardust), this collection of distinct, odd and brilliant short stories is both cinematic and strange. In each film, each character is compelled to share their story and we’re drawn into their very act of telling tall tales. While each episode has its own lead character, they are backed by an ensemble cast that play across all four bold and original films.

neilgaimanlikelystories - Dive Into the World of Neil Gaiman's Likely Stories