More Details, Artwork, and Teaser Trailer for House of Purgatory

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An update on another new indie film landed in our inbox this week. It’s set around Halloween, our favorite time of the year, so of course we had to share! Read on for some more details, artwork, and a teaser trailer for House of Purgatory, written and directed by Tyler Christensen.

House of Purgatory is an independent supernatural horror film from Watching Eye Productions that was shot entirely on location in Wisconsin and is now in post-production. Its stars include Brian Krause, Anne Leighton, Laura Coover, Aaron Galvin, and Brad Fry.

It’s a story that has existed throughout the Midwest for years – a haunted attraction that repays a portion of the admittance fee for every floor patrons are brave enough to complete. The haunted house is supposedly so terrifying, however, that nobody has ever made it all the way through to the end.

On Halloween night four Wisconsin teenagers go looking for this supposed urban legend. What they find is the House of Purgatory – the source of all the stories. Once inside, the teens quickly realize it is more than a mere haunted attraction. The house somehow knows the things each of the kids keep hidden and forces each of them to come face to face with the secrets they keep.

For more visit the House of Purgatory Facebook page.

Early Details, Artwork, and Teaser Trailer for House of Purgatory

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