Waxwork Records to Release Friday the 13th: The Game OST on Vinyl

Those of you who have been keeping up with the increasingly saturated and popular world of horror vinyl know that Waxwork Records has been releasing the soundtracks to the Friday the 13th films. Now that Gun Media has released Friday the 13th: The Game, people have been wondering if the all-new score from composer Harry Manfredini would be getting a vinyl release at some point as well. Turns out, it will!

Label founder Kevin Bergeron tells Geek in an interview:
Oh we’re doin’ it. It’s going to be this crazy expansive double (maybe even triple) LP thing. I mean, the game is so awesome and so much fun to play. And yes, it will be more than just retro Jason’s theme. It’s going to be all the music from the game. I even want to license that Misfits song that plays in the main cabin. We’re pretty tight with Jerry Only, so we just have to reach out at some point.

How freaking cool would this soundtrack be if they managed to pull all of that together? It’d almost feel like those 80’s soundtracks where you got the original music but there were a few licensed tracks on there too, giving an interesting variety that made you feel like you were watching the movie all over again.

Keep an eye on Waxwork’s website for when they post more information on this title! Meanwhile, you can always pick up an issue of House of Waxwork, which just came out after a long time of planning. It’s basically a new EC Comics-styled horror anthology series!

friday the 13th game menu 1 - Waxwork Records to Release Friday the 13th: The Game OST on Vinyl

Written by Jonathan Barkan

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