Pompeii Victim Apparently Died Doing What He Loved


Most of us like to think that we’ll spend our final moments doing what we enjoy, although it seems that one of the victims of the eruption of Mount Vesuvius decided that he was literally going to show himself a good time at the moment of his death.

That’s because the fossilized remains of a man who perished during the natural disaster appear to show him with his hand in the happy time position. Yes, it seems that even with a volcanic eruption destroying everything in sight, this guy still found the time to pleasure himself.

pompeii corpse 1 - Pompeii Victim Apparently Died Doing What He Loved

The image of the masturbating corpse was shared on the Pompeii Archaeological Park’s Instagram account, although they subsequently stated in the comments that all the reports about what he appears to be doing were “fake news”. Instead of, y’know, actually taking pride in the fact that they were able to get a ton more people interested in history.

Either way, the picture quickly went viral and has now became an internet sensation. We’ll probably never know this guy’s name or anything about who he truly was, but how may other people have the honor of becoming famous thousands of years after their death simply for cranking one out?



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