Deranged Minds Entertainment Announces Second Feature Inverted

By Jonathan Barkan

Tristan Clay and Destinie Orndoff of Deranged Minds Entertainment have announced that their second feature length production will be Inverted, a cult-based horror film. The project will be hitting Indiegogo later this year to raise funds.

Clay, who acts as co-writer, producer, and director, states, “We are going bigger and more balls-to-the-wall with this film! A very artistic, exploitation, blood fest is soon to come! I’ve often questioned my own sanity writing this film.

Orndoff, who will star in the film as well as co-write and produce, adds, “This type of horror film is something I’ve wanted to do since I was a little kid. I’d watch these sub genre films and just want more, it was never enough. What we’re doing is everything I’d ever want to see times ten.

Set in the 70’s, a centuries-old cult known as the “Inverts” kidnap four sin bearing individuals against their will to recruit for the holy war against the second coming of Christ. From a homosexual hippie, prostitute druggie, man in drag, and a pedophilic priest…they’re all deemed to be choice victims to invert through initiations that push past the most brutal boundaries.

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