First Sporror (Sports/Horror) Film Lucky Number Announced

We have a new sub-genre of horror heading our way – sporror – courtesy of Gunpowder & Sky and Mandalay Sports Media, and they’ve announced their first film: Lucky Number. We have the early details here so if sporror seems up your alley, read on!

From the Press Release:
Gunpowder & Sky, the global content studio, announced today that it has partnered with Mandalay Sports Media, a diversified sports content and media company, to create a new category of filmed entertainment: “sporror.” The companies also revealed the first film in the genre, Lucky Number.

“Digital audiences are devouring horror films and sports entertainment so it only seemed natural to create content that caters to both passions at the same time,” said Van Toffler, CEO and co-founder of Gunpowder & Sky. “Mike Tollin and I go back to 1999 when we made Varsity Blues together so I’m happy to be working with him again – not to mention Dick Glover, maestro of all great things at Funny or Die – this is going to be both fun and dangerous, and perhaps we’ll even bring back the whipped cream bikini!”

Lucky Number, to be written by Aaron Cooley (Shaken Not Stirred, The Campaigners), is the first in a new series of horror films set in and starring celebrities from the world of sports. The story centers around a pro basketball superstar who must pay up on a deal he made with the devil, transforming into the most athletic — and frightening — killer in cinematic history. Tollin and Jon Weinbach, Mandalay Sports Media’s executive vice-president, are executive producers on the project, with Toffler serving as EP for Gunpowder & Sky. Pro athletes, many of whom are horror fans, will appear in Lucky Number and ensuing sporror films. The companies are currently meeting with potential directors.

“There are few places more frightening than a dark, empty arena, and the sports landscape is full of strange and authentically frightening characters,” said Weinbach, whose producing credits include the ESPN 30 for 30 documentaries Sole Man and Straight Outta LA. “We’ve never seen a mash-up between horror and sports, where everything from a hockey skate to a nacho cheese vat can be dangerous – or even deadly.”

bloody basketballhoop - First Sporror (Sports/Horror) Film Lucky Number Announced

Writer’s Note: Given the recent news about people dying from eating nacho cheese sauce, no doubt this press release was written a few days ago, and we’re sure no disrespect was intended.

Written by Debi Moore

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