Director Stuart Gordon and The Walking Dead’s Jon Bernthal on ‘This Week in Horror’ Web Series

We know there are so many web series out there, it’s nearly impossible to separate the good from the bad, but for horror fans there are few better than “This Week in Horror” hosted by Matt Raub and Staci Layne Wilson. They’re already up to Episode 10, and Staci dropped us a line to let us know that this week’s installment should be of special interest to our readers.

On tap in Episode 10 are Jon Bernthal (Shane on AMC’s “The Walking Dead”) and director Stuart Gordon, who reveals even more scoops about Re-Animator – The Musical, starring George Wendt, Chris L. McKenna, and Jesse Merlin, now playing at The Steve Allen Theater through March 27th.

You can check out the whole “This Week in Horror” video below, but here are some highlights. [Note that Staci’s absent from Bernthal’s interview, but filling in for her is up-and-coming scream queen Brooke Lewis, who ably assists Matt in grilling him.]

Jon mentions that he brought his guard dogs to the set of “This Week in Horror” to prevent him from giving away too many spoilers about “The Walking Dead” Season Two, but he is able to confirm a couple of rumors as well as spilling the beans about whose idea the doggy style in the woods love scene was:

I think it [Season Two] is going to get really, really freakin’ dark, and you will see these people are bound by no rules and eventually the people will be far more dangerous then the zombies.

On confirming that they are headed to a giant empty prison: “If anyone knows prisons, it’s Frank Darabont.

On the future of the love triangle: “My ass is in for some serious trouble.

Discussing Shane’s future: “Any of us can go at any time.

thisweek - Director Stuart Gordon and The Walking Dead's Jon Bernthal on 'This Week in Horror' Web Series

Next we go behind the scenes of Re-Animator – The Musical with Staci, Stuart, and other members of the cast and crew:

Actor Graham Skipper discusses the pressure of filling the shoes of Jeffrey Combs for the role of Dr. Herbert West and says the key is having fun: “How can you not have fun when you’re spraying bloody intestines on people?

Stuart Gordon on the audience’s thirst for blood: “No matter how much blood we have, the audience always cries for more blood…they wouldn’t be happy unless they swim out of here.

Gordon on returning to the Re-Animator world after 25 years: “Re-Animator has re-animated me.” As for the dark songs: “It’s kind of sick and cheerful at the same time.

Mark Nutter (music & lyrics) on his musical inspiration for the show: “I’m not so much a rock guy; I’d say the biggest things that influenced me were Sweeney Todd, Phantom [of the Opera], and Bernard Hermann.

Gordon on the difference between directing for film and the stage: “It’s the give and take that you have with the audience. When you’re working on a movie, it can be kind of a lonely experience. Sometimes you don’t get the audience for like a year or more. With theater it’s immediate. The audience is a character in the play, and they cheer on the actors to do even crazier and wilder things.

reanmusic - Director Stuart Gordon and The Walking Dead's Jon Bernthal on 'This Week in Horror' Web Series

Be sure to visit the official “This Week in Horror” website every Tuesday for upcoming episodes.

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