Ridley Scott Doesn’t Think Neill Blomkamp’s Alien Sequel Will Ever See the Light

Remember back when Neill Blomkamp was talking about making Alien 5, a direct sequel to Aliens, with Sigourney Weaver and Michael Biehn? The plan was to finish Ripley’s tale. Now it sounds like the closest we’ll ever come to that is the recent Stephen Colbert skit!

According to French outlet Allocine, Scott had the following to say about Blomkamp’s sequel…

I think [the project] will never see the light [of day],” he replied after explaining that the project was far less advanced than previously thought. “There was never a scenario, just an idea that evolved into a pitch of ten pages. I had to participate as a producer, but it did not go any further because Fox decided that [they] did not want to do it.

Thanks to AVP Galaxy for the head’s up!

Well… there goes that. On the bright side, Alien: Covenant opens on May 19th!

alien 5 - Ridley Scott Doesn't Think Neill Blomkamp's Alien Sequel Will Ever See the Light

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