Stephen King and Joe Hill’s Novel Throttle Getting Film Adaptation

Throttle, the book by father-son combo Stephen King and Joe Hill, has been optioned for a movie with A Bigger Boat Productions producer Emile Gladstone setting John Scott III (Maggie) to write the screenplay, according to THR.

The story supposedly takes inspiration from Duel, the short story by Richard Matheson, and will follow, “…a motorcycle gang riding across a stark Nevada desert, after a deal gone bad, when they become pursued by a faceless trucker hell-bent on revenge. The main thrust of the story is the relationship between a father and son.

King’s works have become very popular in recent years for film and TV. Coming up, we’ve got It and The Dark Tower as well as Spike TV’s “The Mist” and Hulu’s “Castle Rock”.

From what I’m reading, Throttle sounds like it could be a mix of The Car, Joy Ride, and even perhaps a touch of Maximum Overdrive. That’s just my own first impression but if I’m right then this film will be a lot of fun!

Throttle1 - Stephen King and Joe Hill's Novel Throttle Getting Film Adaptation

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