Go Behind the Scenes of the A Nightmare on Elm Street-Inspired Film Dream Demon

The 1988 British horror film Dream Demon might not have as wide an audience as the A Nightmare on Elm Street franchise, but hopefully that will change one day.

Co-written and directed by Harley Cokeliss (second unit director on The Empire Strikes Back), the film also dealt with nightmares and their effect in the real world. However, Dream Demon leaned far more heavily on the surreal and phantasmagoric than Freddy’s escapades.

The film is supposedly getting a 2k restoration, and the 35th Brussels International Fantastic Film Festival will be hosting a screening. To hype up the release, they’ve posted a wonderful behind-the-scenes featurette that includes interviews with Cokeliss as well as producer Paul Webster. Now, the majority of the narration is in French, but the interview portions are in English. Those segments reveal a great deal about the inspirations for the film.

No matter whether or not you’ve seen Dream Demon, this is well worth a watch!

Diana, a high-class young woman with a troubled past, is on the verge of marrying the caddish Oliver. Spending the night in her old and spooky family mansion, Diana stares into a mirror and begins experiencing terrifying dreams. She sees her past, present, and future, while at the same time entering a dark dimension of her own. One day Diana is visited by her friend Jenny, an American tourist and also a victim of a turbulent past. Without knowing how or why, Diana suddenly pulls Jenny into her nightmarish world.

dreamdemonposter - Go Behind the Scenes of the A Nightmare on Elm Street-Inspired Film Dream Demon

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