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The Amazing Bulk Trailer is Simply Amazing

The WTF Friday Video of the Week comes early this week, and believe me when I tell you this video will have you uttering that three-letter acronym. The Amazing Bulk is not a new Asylum mockbuster. It is… It is… You just have to watch it with your own eyes and then spend the next hour convincing yourself what you just saw was real.

David Sterling is a producer known for making movies on the cheap. I don’t think movies get much cheaper than The Amazing Bulk. Actually, having seen past films he’s produced (The Curse of Lizzie Borden 1 & 2, Pirates of Ghost Island, Queen Cobra, Studio 666, Tower of Blood, Slaughterhouse Phi: Death Sister), this one might actually be considered a big budget effects blockbuster. Having also previously produced two other superhero mockbusters — the harmlessly bad Metal Man (review here) and the insufferably unwatchable The Black Knight – Returns — Sterling attempts to make The Amazing Bulk an Incredible Hulk knock-off for a budget probably about on par with the catering budget of your typical Asylum mockbuster. It looks to be the most entertaining one yet, and I mean that without a hint of sarcasm.

Here’s the synopsis taken from IMDB:

Henry Howard, an ambitious young scientist, struggles to develop a super human serum designed to improve muscle mass and prolong life expectancy. His boss, the grumpy General Darwin, will not allow Hank to marry his daughter, Hannah, until the experiment is a success. Against Darwin’s wishes Hank proposes to Hannah anyway, but his life is shattered by a mugger who steals his engagement ring. Dejected, Hank injects himself with the experimental serum and is transformed into the Amazing Bulk. The Bulk goes on a rampage through the city, destroying everything in his path. Hank is caught by a relentless detective, imprisoned by Darwin, and forced to battle the sadistic Dr. Kantlove, who threatens to blow up the moon with his arsenal of weapons.

Wait. Is his name Henry Howard or Hank Howard? The hits just keep on comin’ with this thing, don’t they?

With stock footage, green screen, and computer effects that make Xtranormal look like Pixar, director Lewis Schoenbrun (Dr. Chopper, Queen Cobra) has made what looks to be a mixture of live-action actors surrounded by the green screen aesthetics of a cheaply made TV show designed for preschoolers. For all its budgetary limitations, the visual look almost achieves a level of cartoonish artistry, like if Zack Snyder was left to fend for himself with only a laptop, a green screen, and a box of Crayolas.

As a double whammy, not only do you have the trailer to look at, but a second clip showcases what I assume must be one of the film’s big action sequences. If nothing else, you have to admire the enthusiasm on the part of the actors and the filmmaker.

I must see this! I must see this movie! MUST. SEE. AMAZING BULK!

The Foywonder

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