PAX East 2017: Friday the 13th: The Game Unmasks Jason Goes to Hell!

One of the more infuriating things about Jason Goes to Hell: The Final Friday is the fact that we never see Jason unmasked. Hell, we hardly see Jason at all for that matter. That changes now with Friday the 13th: The Game.

During a panel at PAX East, the developers spoke a bit about the liberties taken with the look of Part 9’s Jason.

In Friday the 13th: Part 9, everyone kind of knows there was a mistake made with Jason’s undermask – the face under the mask. For some odd reason, the eyes got reversed; it’s Jason’s left eye that’s supposed to be damaged, cause in Part 4 he takes the machete to the head. But in Part 9, it was reversed on accident. So we decided to fix it.

The undermask has never been seen. There’s like one photo going around the internet of Kane [Hodder] without a mask on, so no one really knows what he looks like underneath. So this is our interpretation.

Friday the 13th: The Game will be released in two phases… the multiplayer portion (1 vs. 7) will be available in early 2017 and will include Tommy Jarvis as a playable character. The movie setting, Packanack Lodge, will also be included in this release as a third playable map. Then in the summertime the single-player component, which includes AI bots, will be released at no additional charge.

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Jason is unleashed! Take part in the ultimate asymmetrical multiplayer horror game experience! 1 vs. 7 gameplay featuring Jason Voorhees against a group of teen counselors attempting to survive the night.

For more information, check out Gun Media’s Friday the 13th: The Game on Kickstarter.

Jason goes to hell 1 - PAX East 2017: Friday the 13th: The Game Unmasks Jason Goes to Hell!

Jason goes to hell 2 - PAX East 2017: Friday the 13th: The Game Unmasks Jason Goes to Hell!

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