Remember David Fincher’s The Game? Kidnap Solutions Wants to Make it the Real Deal


Okay, so this is an interesting one here. I got a press release with the subject line “Kidnap Solutions LLC | Live out Your Darkest Fantasies!” First of all, I never knew there was such a thing as “kidnap fantasies” and, secondly, is that something people would actually pay to experience?

Alright, getting back to the story, Kidnap Solutions LLC is apparently headed by Raymond T. Moody, who, per the press release, “…earned a degree in theater arts from UCLA Extension before launching his company in the high-stakes tourism market of Atlantic City.” Much like David Fincher’s The Game, Kidnap Solutions LLC say they will personalize each person’s kidnapping experience to suit their desires, up to and including torture. No, I’m not joking. That’s in the press release.

So why do this? They say that such immersive exposure therapy has been known to cure alcoholism, drug addiction, overeating, nicotine addiction, sex/love addiction, and other bad habits. I wonder if someone who can’t stop chewing their nails would be up for this… Oh, and the methods they’ll use during your kidnapping include restraints, gags, loud music, verbal abuse, sensory deprivation, no bathroom breaks, and, if requested, tasers and waterboarding.

There’s a website with a phone number that yours truly dialed, only to get a voicemail. I left a message (no address was given, so don’t worry about me) and we’ll see if anyone gets back to me. There’s also a very simple and laughable video on the website that you can check out if you feel so inclined.

Honestly, I don’t know what to make of all this. It’s absolutely absurd and the presentation is so basic and minimalistic that I feel like this is a ploy to market something else entirely. I just don’t know what that “else” is. I guess we’ll find out soon!



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