See Ya Later, Supergator


Roger Corman originally intended to produce a sequel to his Sci-Fi Channel original Dinocroc until the higher-ups at Sci-Fi told him that they don’t like sequels because sequels don’t generate good enough ratings for them. Sci-Fi would then go on to premiere House of the Dead 2, Lake Placid 2, two Pumpkinhead sequels, and two Return of the Living Dead sequels. Later this year they’ll even be premiering a sequel to Bats of all films. So much for them hating sequels, I guess.

So Corman decided to push forward with a Dinocroc sequel but under a new moniker – Supergator.

“A huge prehistoric alligator, recreated from fossil DNA by a brilliant woman scientist, escapes from a secret bio-engineering research center in Mexico when a volcano suddenly violently erupts.

The terrifying creature runs amok attacking and killing a number of unsuspecting tourists. Scott, an American expert monitoring the volcano joins forces with the scientist and a Texan alligator hunter. They are hell-bent on pursuing the monster when it heads down river intent on destroying a luxurious resort packed with people enjoying their vacation!”

Other than the volcano aspect and changing crocodile to alligator, this sounds like damn near the same exact plot as Dinocroc. Looking at the mock artwork I found for the film, seems the titlular “Supergator” may even be the exact same bipedal beast featured in Dinocroc. Hey, it’s at least got to be a better movie than The Asylum’s dreadful Supercroc from a month ago.

Supergator stars the likes of Ben Johnson (the Left Behind series), Kelly McGillis (Top Gun, The Accused), and Bianca Lawson, who “Buffy the Vampire Slayer” fans may remember as the short-lived vampire slayer, Kendra. Does anyone else remember a time when Kelly McGillis was a well-respected A-list actress? Mighty … Have … Fallen …

The Sci-Fi Channel will be unleashing Roger Corman’s Supergator on Saturday night, July 10th.

Sci-Fi isn’t done with monstrous reptiles for the month of July as the 28th of the month will then see the world premiere of Mega Snake, the giant snake flick that I last reported on here.

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