Prepare to Enter the Darkest Night

darkestnight - Prepare to Enter the Darkest Night

Michael Sean Erickson’s novel Darkest Night was just released this past November by Hot Chili Press, and already a film version is on its way that sounds totally up our alley. Even better? Horror’s rising star Bill Oberst, Jr., is both appearing in and co-producing it!

Read on for the very early details, and if you’re curious about the book, you can order it now from Amazon.

From the Press Release:
Pre-production has started on the horror film Darkest Night. From writer Michael Sean Erickson’s book of the same name, this feature will star Bill Oberst, Jr. (Stressed to Kill), Robert LaSardo (Anarchy Parlor), Noel Gugliemi (Basement Jack), and Mykayla Sohn (The Chosen).  In addition, both Oberst, Jr., and LaSardo are also producing the film along with Erickson and Shaun Gerardo. 

The story involves the Mudd family. Isolated and alone – and also hated by residents living in a nearby town – they are targeted by a shadowy beast in the local woods. Assailed at every turn, the Mudds must find a way to survive this hostile environment.

Darkest Night will begin shooting in Los Angeles, California, shortly, and the film is slated for an October 2017 release.

The Mudd family lives on the edge of darkness. Convinced that there is a beast in the woods coming for them, and despised by the residents of a nearby small town who believe that they are religious zealots, the Mudds undertake extreme measures to keep the beast and the townsfolk from invading their land.

The Mudds harbor disturbing secrets, and they wonder if the beast actually lives in their hearts as much as in the shadows. When the police accuse them of kidnapping two girls, the darkness overwhelms them all, and the beast comes out to play!

darkestnight - Prepare to Enter the Darkest Night